Terms and Conditions


Mission to Rebuild L.P. (MTR) will not store any bank account information or personally identifiable information of account holders online to prevent cyber breach. MTR is launching an international market where users, browsers, and account holders may reach responsible goods. We honor your privacy and will not sell your information to third parties.



This Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) is a contract between MTR and any and all persons and non-persons that access or utilize information from or with Mission to Rebuild L.P. (MTR) whether at Missiontorebuild.com, its other associated sites, or offline under the laws of the District of Columbia, the United States, and/or any other body with jurisdiction. Please read this Agreement with care, where all information published is covered under U.S. copyright law. If you do not agree to the terms set forth herein, please do not access or utilize information from or with Missiontorebuild.com or its other associated sites.

Legal Guardian.

If you are under the age of majority within the country of access or require a power of attorney please have a legal guardian represent you in all activity with MTR.


MTR will post, email, or send information and may contact publishers for information to be disseminated. The information that MTR posts, emails, or sends directly is binding and hereby incorporated into this Agreement. If there be a conflict between the notification and this Agreement, the notification governs with severability.


MTR nor its agents render legal advice, investment advice that requires licensing, or other such advice that would require licensing. Any examples of how the market operates are not advice but for educational use. 


MTR holds patent reservations for equities trade of alternative energy attributes under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.


MTR requires any renewable energy credits and/or offsets to derive directly from the utility that produced the energy, not a retailer. This selectivity allows for accurate records and tracking.


MTR has a value promise where we are the responsible door to door quality goods. We plan to guarantee earnings during equities trade periods. Earnings will be guaranteed through large guarantee funds.


MTR will internally audit all transactions after each trade season and will require the mailing of proof of income for those transacting over certain thresholds to prevent money laundering. Earnings reports will be available throughout the trade period, through online user accounts, and mailed to users after the internal auditing period for a printed record of trade outcomes. MTR will outsource to meet deadlines before opening the next season. MTR plans to report after each season to federal agencies for federal oversight.


Accounts are free. Accounts may later require a fee in order to pay for payment processing, auditing, international customer service, and other services to build a sustainable market. There are online and offline protocols, systems, and methods to account for the limitations or failures of telecommunication, hosting, hardware, software, and other agents. Any user, browser, account holder, person, or non-person holds MTR harmless for any limitations or failures and will allow time for the limitation or failure to be resolved with the understanding that bank funds are held separately with third party banks or financial services. It is the responsibility of buyers and sellers to maintain personal or business records of transactions to assist with the amount of time to resolve issues, whether by writing orders taken with reference number on personal books, keeping copies of emailed orders and invoices, safeguarding any certificates, and maintaining receipts for the sending or receipt of payments by third parties. MTR may close the market, suspend trade, or postpone market openings with timely notice to all parties.


All content published by MTR online at Missiontorebuild.com or otherwise is protected by copyright law. The MTR patent reservations are protected by patent law. Copying or collecting information from MTR online or offline by persons and non-persons for reverse engineering or unsolicited reproduction is prohibited.


Any lewd, hateful, false, or restricted information, goods, or services in the United States are prohibited for any and all persons or non-persons online at Missiontorebuild.com. If a home country further prohibits items, these items shall not be bought at MTR. If MTR fails to recognize any unlawful sale during the opening of the market, MTR will double-check sales during the auditing period, unless other action is taken.


Any area that requires the user account will require a strong password which is the responsibility of the user to guard. If unauthorized use of the account occurs where the account holder should have known modifications to the account were placed, the account holder is responsible for notifying MTR immediately or be held responsible. MTR may close an account for any reason.


MTR may modify this Agreement from time to time without notice but will make educated attempts of notifying known parties of any modifications. Last modified on  5 September 2017 at 12:38 PM Eastern Standard Time.