History & Cause

Our History and Cause

In 2013, Mission to Rebuild Inc., “The New World Leader”, nonprofit organization was founded by James Hopper and Camille Presbury, along with three Incorporators while Presbury was in law school. The goal was to build green smart schools with a focus in Haiti, where Hopper was born. However, in the that same year, Hopper passed away, leaving Presbury and the Incorporators to rethink how to help change the world. The following summer, Presbury supervised the first session of the Student World Leaders Program, which was an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students that helped to begin research and construction of an online site. The site would host green and environmental products, Amazon-style, because it had been purported that there was none such site when climate change was becoming increasingly evident. The Student World Leaders Program had two sessions that year, was completely digital, part-time, online, and brought together students from various countries and cultural backgrounds, while they studied in the United States. Thereafter, Presbury was advised, before finishing and opening the site, that a nonprofit should not have a site for green and environmental products, because usually nonprofits are not-for-profit. With climate change and poverty in mind, Presbury decided to form a for-profit entity, inviting interns and family to contribute. In the late spring of 2015, Mission to Rebuild, LP was formed and filed in Washington, DC in September. There were still several developmental projects to complete, which helped to create a more perfect market concept and help change the world.

MTR holds a patent reservation under the Patent Cooperation Treaty for equities trade of alternative energy attributes which includes renewable energy credits and/or carbon offsets. MTR strives to build a sustainable public market that is honest, reliable, and accountable. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please view the many ways to contact us on the Help Desk page. 

To Free the World of Poverty through the Market Economy

How to free the world of poverty? To free the world of poverty may be to focus on income distribution, because we tend to draw the lines of poverty based on income. For extreme poverty, The World Bank uses the amount a person lives on per day. For income distribution, we should connect those needing opportunities to earn across national boundaries online and with undergraduate and graduate students at the forefront to reach those without Internet.