Executive Board

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Camille Presbury
Syracuse University, The John Marshall Law School in Chicago

Chief Executive Secretary, Robin Jason
Former Executive Secretary at Merrill Lynch on Wall Street in New York City

Chief of Cyber Security, Keino Jason
Former Manager of Label Application Systems and Lead SQL Database Administrator at Warner Music Group, Greater New York City

Chief of Public Marketing and Acquisitions, Troy Nwanna
Former SEO Manager at iMatrix, Greater San Diego Area

Pledge to the Cure to Poverty


Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

How much annually to cure extreme poverty?

At $2/day per person in extreme poverty, it would cost approximately $400 billion annually to cure extreme poverty around-the-world.

How many people are in extreme poverty?

Development Goals in an Era of Demographic Change by the Global Monitoring Report 2015/2016 at The World Bank states that “the decline of those living in global poverty, which is reclassified as living on $1.90 or less a day, to a forecast 9.6 percent of the world’s population in 2015 [was] a projected 200 million fewer people…than in 2012.”[1]  According to The World Bank, the population total was approximately 7.355 billion in 2015.[2]  If we use 10% (which is rounding up 9.6%), it is approximately .7355 billion or 735,500,000 people living in extreme poverty.
[1]Development Goals in an Era of Demographic Change by the Global Monitoring Report 2015/2016 at The World Bank, http://www.worldbank.org/en/publication/globalmonitoringreport, Last visited on November 27, 2017.
[2] The World Bank, Population Graph, https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.POP.TOT

How does MTR plan to cure extreme poverty?

MTR plans to cure poverty through international trade. Trade will include both green equities trade in environmental credits and/or carbon offsets and by sales through large stores in eco-friendly and organic products to increase funds. Income will be guaranteed and given directly to those in extreme poverty. Guaranteed earnings will be by Guarantee Account(s) that participate in trade to promote daily earnings.

What is the percent of increase on sales profit to achieve the goal?

If we receive a Pledge of the smallest asking amount, which is $10 million, we can potentially cure extreme poverty within seven (7) seasons of trade. Although, this if we grow at 400% per season. Seasons at our E-commerce is winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Seven (7) seasons is less than two years; however, we plan to be able to reasonably cure extreme poverty within five to seven years, which allows for smaller percentages of increase on sales per season. It will not require the Internet for those in extreme poverty. We have an over-the-counter method and online method with our provisional international patent.

Why is MTR for-profit and not a charity? 

Charity has not yet cured poverty for some reason. Also, we might have trouble if we had an E-commerce by a nonprofit. Profit is what helps to finance charity. So our focus is to bring additional income to everyday people, economically.

Why Pledge?

We understand that poverty is usually determined by income; therefore, we plan to change lives through international trade where its guaranteed for everyday people, around-the-world, to earn additional income. This is the place where E-Commerce can change lives, not just from healthier green products, but green equities trade.
We’re Mission to Rebuild, LP (MTR) “A New World Leader” in Washington, DC. MTR is a new green E-commerce that wants to help everyday people by providing innovative trade in the online-shopping format. We want to help millions of people, internationally, over several seasonal rounds of equities trade. Also, large green, organic stores for home, office, and everyday shopping can bring life-changing convenience like other online shopping giants.
International trade will be accessible from smartphones, desktops, and laptops. Equities trade will have auditing after each seasonal round (winter, spring, summer, and autumn). Telephone will also be an option but in English to start. Our publication, at the Shop, gives our market operational information with Pledge amounts in the Financial Plan. Our goal is to secure a Guarantee Account, by a big name company or person, for a Grand Opening in February 2018. 
Please use the Main Contact on this page to receive our Handbook publication with Pledge information or review it for free or by purchase at the Shop.

Watch on Vimeo

For educational use. This video led us to where we are today. Hopefully with a Guarantee Account, our focus will be on bringing income. For example, (1) not focus on tax savings, (2) only Guarantee Account receives mailed certificate(s), and (3) participants will receive mailed reports after each seasonal round of trade. For extreme poverty and those without Internet, we have an offline method, and reports should be deliverable by hand through MTR undergraduate interns or representatives in the country. 

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Welcome to Excellence at MTR

Charity comes from the hard work of economics, so let’s help the individual’s earnings potential around the world in the online shopping format, while supporting CO2 reduction by trading and learning about renewable energy credits and/or carbon offsets. Thus, we are preparing for small offices in capital cities to be responsibly near national governments. Online would mean nationwide. 

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We’ve tested and will have international translation in most, if not all, national languages here at the market, all material information written for translation with automation and silent tutorial videos for assistance during trade.

How the Market Works: E-book

The Handbook: International Equities Market (2017), which includes how to free the world of poverty economically, is complimentary and for sale for $50.00 in registered E-book. If someone needs a free copy, use the coupon code GreenTeam at the Cart before Checkout.




Main Contact

Camille Presbury, B.A., J.D., Syracuse University, The John Marshall Law School
Primary Telephone: +1 202 302 0771